Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After seeing so many others do these Meme things I figure it's about time for ME to give you a few facts about ME.

I HATE to be interrupted when working on something. This wasn't always the case, but since I can no longer multi-task due to some brain malfunction, I have a hard time concentrating on what I am doing.

I ADORE my grandchildren and get very frustrated when they have to put up with a GRUMPY GRANDPA.

I LOVE to cook, but hate to clean up the messes I make while doing so. I don't do dishes. (well not that often anyway, may 2-3 times a year, if I have to)

I like to build things. But not the same thing twice. Woodworking is my favorite hobby, I just don't have a shop to do it in or I would do little else. Some of my other hobbies are collecting foreign money, knives, old bottles, and various other "junk"(as my wife calls it). I like to engrave glass, re-build old guns (especially old military rifles), build plastic models, make fishing supplies and reload ammunition.

I go fishing when I can and dream of hunting again.

I enjoy genealogy and have done a lot of work on my family tree and corrupted others into starting their own. Family and it's roots are important to me. I lay claim to my 1/4 Irish-Norman heritage but am just as proud of my 1/2 Hungarian one. I am also 1/4 Welsh-English transplants from France.

I dress comfortably not for looks. If I'm not in my dirty ripped up "grubbies" then I must be dressed up for company. Shoes are worn only if absolutely necessary. And I shave only when I "have" to. If left up to me I would look like I belonged to ZZ Top. Yes I could be a hillbilly, and if not for my wife keeping me in check, probably would be. I've eaten porcupine, raccoon, muskrat, and rattlesnake, but don't know if'fn I could eat 'possum.
I've made homemade wine so I suppose settin' up a still and makin' 'shine wouldn't be out of the question.

If I could get my family to join me I would pack up and move to Arizona or New Mexico, away from cold weather and high humidity.

I've read enough books to fill a library.

My computer is my friend and keeps me in touch with my "family".


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Very fun. I knew you adored your grandchildren, though. This was not at all news to me. :)
Made your own wine, huh? Maybe you can give some tips to my husband. He's been wanting to try that. Wants to make his own whiskey, also. Yes, he's a Jack man, too. :-)
I can't imagine you grumpy.
What's your favorite book, of all that you have read?
Thanks for sharing :-)

GreyWolf said...

Danni: making wine is like art. Anyone can do it, but it depends on your "taste" and style.
A clear glass gallon jar or jug with a tight fitting lid. A piece of rubber tubing long enough to go from the gallon container to the bottom of a quart container filled with water. Cut a hole in the lid of the gallon container, insert the rubber tubing and seal around it with bee's wax. Put a quart of sugar into the gallon jar and add strained fruit juice and water. this is the artsy part, the more pure juice the stronger the flavor and sometimes sweeter the wine. Fill the gallon container to within an inch of the tubing. Stir it up until all of the sugar is dissolved. Put the lid on and the tubing into the quart of water and attach the tubing so it won't come out of the water but air must escape the tube and QUART JAR.
place in a sunny or warm place and let it "work" (ferment) for about 4 weeks. Make sure the tubing doesnt clog or the quart jar get low on water. When the gas bubbles no longer rise from the tubing in the quart of water, it's done. Siphon off the clear wine from the sediment in the bottom. Bottle it up. Age it if you can keep your hands off it long enough.

Whiskey making is more like a science experiment and can be dangerous. Buy him the good stuff.

GRUMPY happens more often that I would like it too and most times I don't even realise it.

My favorite book HMMM, let me answer that by asking you this; What was your favorite grain of sugar?

I don't call books "Mind Candy" for no reason.

Country Girl said...

Nice to know more about you. I had to chuckle when you said you like working with wood but not the same project twice. Sounds like me I can't read the same book or watch the same movie twice.

warren said...

You're my kind of people I think.

I used to make homemade wine until my wife civilized me a little. The wife-life is cool but giving in to the inner-mountainman is tough!

Anonymous said...

Yup it's all true. Way to share dad! I cannot believe none of us have tagged you for those memes yet?!?! Well, you've opened yourself up now mister!! :)

Maybe you could list a few of your favorite authors instead. I know, I'm bad that way too. I CANNOT name a favorite. Too many....and they're all my favorite while I'm reading them! lol

GreyWolf said...

Kim; I think I gave the wrong impression. I re-read many good books and watch the movies I like until I wear them out.
It's just my hang up about things I make.

Warren: I love to give in to the inner mountainman. I have turned my living room into a hunting lodge type setting. I even turned an old single shot shotgun into a floor lamp and the room is full of antiques and old fishing and hunting supplies.

Ang: Ok a few of my favorite authors in no particular order are:
Lin Carter
Anne McCaffrey
R.L. Salvatore
Piers Anthony
Edgar Allen Poe
William Shakespear
Tad Williams
Robert Cook

Anonymous said...

I would agree with 6 of those! :) I'd add Jane Austen and Stephen King too ! :)

And thanks dad, for sharing all those books with me over the years, and your love of them. You're the reason I was/am a voracious reader.

Anonymous said...

ohhohh! Cannot forget Tolkein!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yeppers, me, too Give me grubbies to wear every day. Most days I live in jammies, especially ugly jammies. lol!

I enjoyed learning more about you, too. I'm a bit 'o Irish, a bit o' Chipewa, and a whole lot of Lithuanian. That's where I get my weird nose. lol!

Oh. And I like to cook, too, ONLY if I don't have to do dishes. I dislike washing dishes, also. It's just icky! :P

Oh, and come on out to New Mexico! There's some good hunting and fishing here and the weather is good at least 350 days of the year.

New Mexico