Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland Excursion

We had to make a trip to our favorite bulk food store about 20 miles away. As the passenger of this ride I grabbed my old camera I keep in the van, and started snapping pictures. I thought maybe some of my WARM weather readers might like to see some of our Michigan snow. The snow started in mid November and has stayed with us through warm ups (40 degreees) and rain. The second photo is looking right at the sun, through the clouds of course, which gives the appearence of it being lighter out than it really was.

After stopping at the store we decided to take the stuff our daughter wanted over to her house.
On the way we spotted these draft horses and cow, and this nice frozen stream.

One of the new wind farms cropping up in our area.
Have you ever noticed how fast a barn goes to ruin after it's no longer being used?
When I was a kid, every farm over 40 acres had at least dairy cows.
Now there are plenty of fallen barns dotting the landscape since the small farms have been forced out of business since the early 1970's.
35 years ago this ruin was a prospering farm. Now its just a pile of rubble in a woodlot. The magnificent house, barn, and outbuildings are just moldering wood and cement. All that's left standing is the silo at the far left. Just too sad for words.
And speaking of SAD. This photo was unbelievable. Just to the left of my radio antenna is a deer
Running as fast and hard as it can from whats chasing it, just to the right of my antenna was this.
That's 2 snowmobiles. As we stopped to let that poor deer (winded, with tongue hanging, and stumbling) cross the road, and they high-tailed it back to and around the edge of the woods.
I have words for people like this, but I can't print them here.
But let's just say I wish that I was driving the snowmobile and they were in the place of that poor doe.
There were plenty of deer out yesterday. This bunch was a little further down the road.
A cold ride for some of our local Amish. (I would NEVER make it as an Amish man)
The big village.
When our daughter say's she lives in the middle of nowhere, this is what she means.
Our destination.
Then back through town and heading for home. About an 80 mile round trip in the beautiful winter wonderland.


frugalmom said...

It makes me sad to see all those abandoned farms, too. Sadly, we have plenty of them around here.

Those big dumb head snowmobilers.....chasing after that little deer like that. Not nice.

I didnt realize it was that long of a drive for you guys to get into town....that has to be a challenge in the winter. Altho, Im thinking that you forgot to drop off my stuff from the store....Ive been waiting and waiting...I really needed those olives, ya know.

GreyWolf said...

Maude: I sent them out!!!
I duct taped a can on each of the 12 crabs and gave them a map to your house with strict instructions. They should be there by Christmas. And tell "G" to keep an eye out for them and not to get attatched to them as he is to cook them up for Xmas dinner.

I am only about 9 miles from either Cass City or Caro to do most of my shopping. But we like to go to the Mennonite run Bulk Food Store to get fresh vegetables, baking supplies, and specialty items.

And I think I over estimated the mileage a little. It's only about 15 miles to the bulk food store and the whole roung trip was closer to 60 miles.

warren said...

I hate seeing people running deer. I have shot dogs for doing it. Not much to be done with people though...although your stopping was effective!

Anyhow, I don't think I could handle the snow anymore. I grew up in NW PA near Lake Erie so we used to get plenty, but since moving away, I have gotten over snow. My parents still live up there and don't mind it...I think they are crazy...and I am starting to wonder about you! Just kidding. Great pics though!

Anonymous said...

HA! Great pics of the vast emptiness that is MI. I cannot wait for Danni to see these. ;)

Now sent crabs to maude?!? HEY!! Where's mine!?! LOL

Country Girl said...

That is nice that you live close enough to Angie to scoot on over. My Dad lives a few hours north. :(

GreyWolf said...

Warren: I haven't ever got over the first time I saw a snowmobile chasing a deer down the frozen river while I was out hunting. I won't bore you with what I did, but I am sure the snowmobiler never forgot the lesson. I have hated snowmobiles ever since.

Agnes: But Maude really needs them crabs. I haven't been able to leave a comment on Dorothy's site for quite a while now. Maybe she's blocking me. ;{

Kim: Only about 20 minutes away. Yes, it is nice. My son is about 10 minutes away and my other daughter is about an hour away.
As a matter of fact most of my relatives are just minutes away.
I'm pretty lucky I guess.

GreyWolf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farmgirl_dk: said...

Are you KIDDING me? I would *never* block you! What the heck is up with Blogger that you can't post to my site? Grrrr...
Please don't stop trying - I swear it's nothing I'm doing from my end! (And I'd miss you terribly if you were gone!)

Jeez flat it is where you all live. Where are all the hills? :-) The really cool thing, though? I *totally* recognized Angie's place when that picture popped up. I love the setup of their property. With the silo and the red barn, it completely looks like the farm of my dreams!
What a nice dad you are for delivering supplies to your daughter. Now, once you've delivered the stuff to Marcee, could you maybe swing by my place and bring me that sourdough starter that Angie promised me? ;-)

Great pics!

GreyWolf said...

Dorothy: *SURE* you wouldn't. I got the message that my comment was saved and would appear *AFTER* you approved it. So what's up with that??? After seeing how hard you made "G" work when he came to *VISIT* I am beginning to wonder ;)

You would bust a gut laughing at what we call hills around here. Your *cankle* probably stuck up higher! The Upper Penninsula does have some "mountains" but not like what your used to. But they are pretty and a favorite vacation spot.

You mean you STILL haven't gotten Angie's package??
And I thought my ISP was S-L-O-W!
I really love that Amish friendship bread, it is so versitle. I have made bannana nut bread with it and cinnamon-raisin bread and even added coconut to it. My dogs grabbed my starter off the counter and ate it all up, including most of the ziplock bag it was in. I got a new starter from Ang and am waiting for it be ready so I can make some of that lemon & poppy seed bread that she was talking about.

I would *LOVE* to come visit sometime. I guess I will have to start buying lottery tickets.

frugalmom said...

Wait a minute now. Dorothy would never block you. Never. She is way too nice to do something like that.

Not me, tho. Im not that crabs you sent out best be here soon.....

frugalmom said...

Im just sayin

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

All your pics turned out great. I felt like I was traveling right there along with you, in the back seat...trying to look over your shoulder as you gave me a running commentary of the scenery :)

Is it just me or did that Amish wagon look a little 'wonky'...sort of sideways? Or maybe I've had one two many glasses of wine tonight?

I love all those old barns...but feel sad when they are crumbling....or 'mouldering', as you say. I'm digging that word actually. See you really are a Super Scribbler.

Oh, and maybe Danni's not blocking you, but I think she did to me actually. Or maybe her blog didn't like me or my comments?
Last summer I tried many times to leave comments and the message, that my post had to be approved by moderator popped up, but my comments never did. So I just gave up and stopped commenting.

I did leave a heartfelt comment for Danni about the last of her donkeys being adopted as I felt so torn up for her and sad. I don't know if she ever got it, but the same message popped up that it was awaiting blog owner approval.
Oh well.
At least I tried. :(

I can't imagine anyone ever blocking you, though, GW. You're such a great guy. :)

New Mexico

GreyWolf said...

Marcee: Oh, I know she wouldn't block me, I just wrote it to get a raise out of her. I have had the same problem with other moderated sites, but it does get frustrating.

I know them crabs got plenty of legs but they take such small steps. And them jars of olives are heavy. I just hope they did't loose the map.

Lisa: Actually I have had the same problems with your site too! But I thought it was just my slow internet service provider. Maybe it happens when two people try to send a comment at the same time?
I don't really know the cause but it does happen. I doubt that Danni would block anyone without darn good reason.

A lot of the photos I took that day are a little "wonky" as my old camera doesn't like to take photos from a moving car. Those trees in the photos aren't leaning either.