Thursday, December 25, 2008


By day this mild mannered boy.....

Played with his cousins and sister..........
While around him my side of the family got together to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Everyone was talking...... (son Eric and 2 of his cousins)
and eating....... (great-nephew)
reminiscing......... (both of my sisters, my dad and his wife)
and having a great time....... (my BIL with camera and Santa hat)
Well, OK, not everyone!!!! (sister's cat)
Presents were opened.... (great-niece, Aden & Ethan)
and played with. (great-nephew & Ethan)
And then my family came to our house and we celebrated Christmas at home too.
We had a light supper of assorted crackers and cheeses and meats and sweets. And then got down to having the kids open presents.
Things were progressing well, paper was flying and squeals of delighted children's voices were filling the room. Then Ethan opened up a present from his Uncle Eric & Aunt Andrea.
Now maybe you have read before in Angie's Blog about Ethan's love of SPIDERMAN, but his eyes bugged out when he saw the Spiderman costume he just opened.

He started pealing off his clothes and got a little help from his Aunt Sarah.

Until he was transformed into Spiderboy....
Well, ALMOST!!!!
He was frantically looking for his Spiderman GLOVES!!!!
Which unfortunately did not come with the costume.
Luckily, Wifey had gotten him a pair of Spiderman slipper socks.
We hurriedly found that present and gave it to the frantic boy and......

"VIOLA"....instant Spiderman Gloves!!!!!
Sadly, since his transformation, our grandson probably won't be seen for weeks now.
Wifey told Ang that she is going to look pretty funny taking SPIDERBOY grocery shopping with her for the next month or so.
Oh, and Aden wasn't left out. She got to wear the INCREDIBLE HULK mask that was another present to Ethan from his Uncle Eric, which instantly transformed her into....
THE GREEN GOBLIN, Spiderman's foe!!!
Oh, yeah, the "TATT's" aren't real....they were a gift from Aunt Sarah.
Today Wifey and I celebrated a quiet peaceful Christmas at home with a traditional turkey dinner & all of the fixings.
And Warren...My hibernation weight is now attained and I will be ready for that long winter's nap shortly! I got in a little practice today, ya gotta work your way slowly into a full hibernation mode.
Oh YEAH, I'll be ready REAL soon!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And I bet he even sleeps in that costume, too. How cool! And I think beautiful green Aden looks pretty cool with a tatoo....(evil laughter) :)

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all of your family...well except for the feline kind. hehe

If you guessed that I spent Christmas day in the ER, you'd be right on the money. And now with many long weeks of Dr. ordered 'rest' it appears that I can legally join you for those cozy winter naps.

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely wife, Grey Wolf!

Zzzzzz (Percocet is a terrific aid to napping..I'm just sayin')


Anonymous said...

Awww....great pics dad (I particularly love the Green Goblin in drag). He's still in that thing btw...and he's mad I won't let him sleep with the mask on.

GreyWolf said...

LISA: Ya know people are going to start wondering if you got a crush on someone on that ER.
I'm just sayin' ;) :0 :)
Merry Chistmas & Happy New Year to you and yours. And nap away, I'm going shortly!

Ang: LOL, I knew it! And thanks.

Country Girl said...

Lots of fun with the family. My boy was into spider man what seems so long ago. Hulk was sweet in her/his dress. My kids too are all tattooed up. I had to laugh about the hibernation thing. I am still trying to loose last winters weight!

frugalmom said...

Great party! Spidey looks amazing....and that Hulk? Very strong.

warren said...

A pink dress and a green face...PRICELESS! Looks like a blast for all!