Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a.....

NOPE...Not a white Xmas

A warmer climate!!!!!
After Friday's storm Wifey was bound and determined to get to the store to get some supplies for Xmas. I went out and cleared about 8 inches of snow off the truck and tried to break a path out to the road. (their had been a few pick-ups down the road earlier)
The snow had really drifted towards the end of the driveway and I was scraping bottom.
After much back and forth action, I finally made it onto the road and realized that their was NO way that our low riding van would ever make it, either out of the driveway or down the road.
A little while later the snow-plow came down the road and put more snow at the end of the driveway. I then called my son and asked him to come and plow us out on his lunch break.
But Wifey couldn't wait and so here she is getting a start on it, the old fashioned way.

She just shoveled enough to get a running start.

And that's as far as she got.

So, MORE shoveling.....
Almost to the road!
Well we made it out and by the time we got back Eric had plowed our driveway and then some.
We managed to bring in some firewood and get ready for Sunday's Storm which started Saturday evening.

The wind changed directions a full 180 degrees and temps dropped.

Visibility was an iffy thing at best.

And the snow just continues to fall as the winds howl.
By afternoon things were really bad, we had to shovel through 3 ft drifts to get to the chicken coop. It takes about ten minutes to care for the animals and by the time we were done our path had drifted back in completely!!!
So we had to shovel our way back to the house.
Just about dusk our son Eric again showed up and plowed again. He said our road was a mess.
About eleven last night the winds died down and are just starting to pick back up.
And it's snowing..... again!!!!


warren said...

Egads! Time to make a run for the border...or at least the Mason-Dixon line!

frugalmom said...

Im thinking you got a white christmas whether you had dreams of it or not!

Now, that warmer climate. That doesnt sound bad at all as I look at my thermometer and see 4 degrees.

That was nice of those young men to come and plow for you. Very nice indeed.

Country Girl said...

I hear ya GW! Sounds like Maine weather and another storm is moving in Christmas Eve. When I got home this afternoon MM said "lets move to Alabama". He's sick of the cold and snow removal's gonna be a loooong winter.

farm mom said...

Did you get those photos passed by the boss before posting? lol :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes!! I'd call that a blizzard. Brrr!
We got "6 and then some blowing stuff and gusts, but not too bad. We're expecting some snow tomorrow, possibly up to a foot. But I suppose I don't have to worry about being out in it, seeing as I can't even walk now. sigh...

Life is a fragile unbalanced critter, isn't it?

Stay warm and drink plenty of the good stuff...
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